Data Protection Plan

The Fast Tech NI Data Protection Plan

The Fast Tech NI Data Protection Plan is made up of three distinct features that make this the most complete and reliable data protection option available to your business:

1. Local Backup

2. Quick Recovery Business Continuity Capability

Quick Recovery™ Business Continuity Capability enables the highest possible levels of business continuity in the event of an emergency.

If one of your server crashes, the NAS can quickly be provisioned to temporarily take over in place of the failed server, with all of your applications, data, and settings available within moments vs. 1 to 3 days typical recovery time from a tape backup system (assuming the data is actually even on the tape!)

3. Disaster Recovery Capability

Copies of your data can be kept off-site at two secure data centers in the UK.

In the event of an emergency that disables or destroys your local back up, offsite copies of your data provides for quick business recovery.

NAS eliminates the cost and hassle of off-site tape storage.

FastTech’s service team can have a replacement server with all of your data shipped to your company next-day air, getting your business back on its feet as fast as possible.

No data protection service is complete without these three features – don’t leave your business exposed to the risks of an incomplete data protection plan!

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