Data Protection Plan Features

Services Provided

Data Protection Device Monitoring


File Compression

Before files are encrypted, they are compressed on the NAS using state-of-the-art compression technology. This compression ensures minimization of backup time creation because each file is significantly smaller.

Backup Frequency

Our service can protect your data as frequently as every 15 minutes, every day. This provides hundreds of additional backup copies vs. tape backup, allowing multiple restore points to recover the most current version of your data just prior to the data loss event.

Historical Archive

Our service offers scheduled backup plans that include a 7-Day, 14-Day or 30-Day archives on the NAS which can be selectively pushed out to a remote storage facility. The option of expanding the retention period from a 1-Year to 7-Year History is also available.

Smart Data Transport

Data transmission can easily be configured to minimize bandwidth consumption. Our NAS leverages Adaptive Bandwidth Throttling, which allows us to set a limit on outbound bandwidth used, (e.g. assuming a 768Kpbs outbound connection, adaptive bandwidth throttling can be set with a maximum at 512Kpbs.) Fast Tech NI exercises fine control over the data imaging and transmission processes.

Remote Storage provided at Fast Tech NI’s Tier 1 data centers

Remote Storage and Base Remote Backup Image Creation

Remote storage provides off-site back up at a secure data center in the UK.

The base image will be transmitted across the internet to the primary remote storage facility. The time required to perform this remote backup will vary significantly depending on the amount and types of files being backed up and the upload speed of your internet connection.

Routine Retrieval Testing

Your data is stored (in encrypted form) in two secure online data backup centers, located hundreds of miles apart from each other. Images are tested monthly to ensure they can be restored in the event of data loss.

Ownership of Data

The backup data being stored on the NAS and at the data center remains the sole property of the client. If the client chooses to terminate services, Fast Tech NI will assist client in the orderly termination of services. This could involve copying the backup image to an external drive. Client agrees to pay Fast Tech NI the actual costs of rendering such assistance.

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