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Email Protection Overview

Email is the single most important business tool ever invented. Every modern business knows the agony of disruption of service, even if it is for the briefest of moments.

A loss of service for email can cause: Immense frustration. Lost productivity and responsiveness. Damaged reputations. IT department overload.

Causing the loss of access to email or server is potentially the fastest and most effective means of bringing a business to its knees. Every business must do everything it can to protect itself from: spam; email virus; denial of service; harvest directory; worms and other forms of email-borne attack.

That is where the FastTech email protection service comes in, and we have made it as simple, cost effective and straightforward as possible for every customer to gain benefits including:

  • Industry-leading detection rates, enabled by the unique multi-layered combination of our filtering technology with the world’s leading detection engines
  • Real-time virus and spam outbreak protection all-the-time
  • Minimal customer intervention: all email is filtered off-site, threats are quarantined and only clean email is relayed through to the server
  • Close to zero false positive identification: based on our circles of trust technology: meaning that users receive every email they really need to receive
  • Painless contacts management due to intuitive, self learning system
  • User control: unjunk links on the system’s regular quarantine reports enable the individual to retrieve disputed mails
  • Easy, integrated management of every email account, including individual users, their aliases and the groups they are part of
  • Straightforward setting of access and responsibility levels for every user
  • Full management reporting to measure protection effectiveness
  • Continuous reputation management through outbound zombie protection.

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