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Circle of Trust

Email Protection: Circle of Trust

It is impossible to develop for every business a definitive set of rules that identifies what is spam and what is not. What may be an illegitimate word for one company may be core to another’s business. Business relationships are complicated, involving network upon network of different but interrelated contacts.

This is why false positives can be such a problem for businesses that use many spam detection and filtering solutions. It is also why FastTech Email Protection delivers the lowest incidence of false positives in the industry.

It is because our unique Circles of Trust technology recognises email patterns and relationships. Intuitive and powerful, it allows words that are usually stopped by anti-spam engines to be received by legitimate recipients, even if their relationship with the sender is only through a shared third (or even sixth) party.

Most important, the email protection circle of trust works: giving users the confidence that they are receiving all the emails that they should receive.

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