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Email Protection: How It Works

The FastTech email protection service acts as a complete defensive barrier, protecting your email server and employees from threats. All email is passed through multiple threat detection engines including spam, virus and fraud detection engines. Threats are safely quarantined and only clean email is relayed to your email server with the entire process taking place in a fraction of a second.

We apply a multi-layered approach to security with a hosted platform comprised of many third party filtering engines, each industry proven in their own right. The layered approach mitigates the risk of any one engine failing to catch unforeseen email borne threats, and with constant monitoring and review we are in a position to swap out non-performing filters for improved solutions if the need arises. In addition, a number of advanced filtering techniques have been developed by FastTech as our knowledge and understanding of how spammers operate deepens, and also in response to new threats as they arise. It is the synergy derived from this combination that allows us to deliver industry leading detection rates and achieve premium grade status from the independent West Coast Labs organization in recent tests.


A key advantage of FastTech is the speed of installation. Corporate and institutional email is redirected to pass through a redundant mesh of secure international data centres through a straightforward MX-Record adjustment. Simply register for your 30 day free trial and you can have the benefits and protection of the FastTech solution in less than 60 minutes

The End User Experience

For the end user, FastTech offers effective anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-phishing filtering with very low false positives. From an email application interface perspective, there is nothing different about email transmission and retrieval procedures as far as the user is concerned. With FastTech, managing the database of legitimate email contacts is painless because our system is self learning. Users periodically receive an intuitive report by email listing the various mails which have been quarantined. This Junkbox Summary Report is an html formatted email with unjunk links positioned next to each blocked email, enabling the user to retrieve a disputed email by simply clicking unjunk.

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